The Caradon Field & Natural History Club

Club aims:
The study and recording of wildlife within the boundaries of the Caradon District of Cornwall.

Membership is open to all.
Annual subscription: £9.50
You can download a membership/standing order form here*.
For further information email: Tony Aston

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Submission of records:
All records, even for the most common species, are welcome and can be sent to the recorders at any time. Each record should contain species, date, location (and at least 4-figure grid reference for plants and insects) plus any other relevant comments. To speed up the compilation of the report please send them in immediately at the end of the year (in the first week of January if possible, or even earlier for groups which are 'over' such as most insects!). As an absolute deadline, please submit all records by the end of February (end of January for birds) of the following year at the very latest.

Caradon Recording Area

The recording area of the Club showing 1km & 10km grid squares.